Cultural relics roaming through time and space in Capital Museum
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The internet plus Chinese Civilization Exhibition is being held in the Capital Museum in Beijing from September 26 to October 25. Under the theme of “cultural relics roaming through time and space”, the exhibition presents nearly 100 famous cultural relics in digital form and creative interactive methods for the first time, bringing an immersive experience of exploring Chinese civilization to the public. (Photo:
The exhibition provides five“space-time capsules”where visitors can, from a different perspective, observe splendid Chinese civilization such as bronze artifacts, Qin terracotta warriors, and ancient crafts. (Photo:
A visitor experiences the Guqin interactive device. (Photo:
A visitor tries a digital interactive device. (Photo:
A visitor enjoys the digital presenting of the ritual system and sacrificial culture behind bronze artifacts. (Photo:; Compiled by Fan Weizhi)