‘Beautiful China’ ceremony held in Times Square for New Year countdown
By Zheng Sining
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The US-China Friendship Assoiciation's New Year's Eve countdown celebration in Time's Square, New York City, January 31, 2019. (Photo: Xinhua)

New York (People’s Daily) - On Tuesday, New Year’s Eve, the US-China Friendship Association hosted their annual Chinese cultural feast for the ninth consecutive year in New York City’s Times Square.

Traditional Chinese culture was presented to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world. Chinese Consul General Huang Ping was on hand to deliver a speech. New York Mayor Special Representative Rohan O'Narion and other US-China political, business, and cultural representatives were also in attendance. 

The opening ceremony was co-chaired by Li Li, executive vice president of the China-US Friendship Association, and popular host Jonathan Bennett. 

The celebration’s theme was "Beautiful China: US-China Friendship." From the perspectives of culture, art, history, and natural landscapes, it presented various features of contemporary China. 

Videos were streamed on outdoor screens at Times Square at 43rd and 7th Street and extended to 59th Street. Chinese artists performed ethnic dances 

"We look forward to Chinese talented artists presenting a feast of Chinese traditional and modern art performances," said New York Governor Andrew O. Mark Kumer, in a congratulations letter for the event. 

On the same day, major media and networks in China and the US, and voer 200 commercial radio and television stations worldwide broadcast the event.   

Data provided by Trylon SMR revealed the event was watched by more than 200 million Americans and over 1 billion international viewers. 

Zhang Jinping, President of the US-China Friendship Association, said that ever since December 31, 2011, when the Times Square New Year’s Countdown Celebration committee first invited Beijing to participate, the countdown event has grown to become the largest cultural tourism platform.