11th China Acrobatic Exhibition to open in Shandong

(File photo: Xinhua)

BEIJING, March 9 (Xinhua) -- The 11th China Acrobatic Exhibition will be held from March 16 to 29 in east China's Shandong Province, according to a press conference held on Thursday by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

This year's event will feature a series of acrobatic and magic shows, with aerial acrobatics, balancing skills and flexibility stunts on display, as well as acrobatic dramas with themes such as industrial construction, revolutionary sagas and neo-classical stories.

During the event, approximately 30 performances will open in six theatres in Shandong, according to the press conference.

Showcasing the intricate, thrilling and entertaining elements of acrobatics, this year's entries will build on past legacies and cater to the aesthetic tastes of contemporary audiences, the conference said.