Couples likely to split in January: Internet
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A pair of engagement rings. (Photo: China Plus)

January is unofficially nicknamed the "divorce month" on some parts of the internet.

"Divorce is seasonal," Vicky Townsend, co-founder and chief executive of the National Association of Divorce Professionals, told the New York Times.

Her network consists of specialists like lawyers, therapists and tax advisers who may be used in divorce proceedings.

Townsend said people who may have been considering a divorce in the final months of the year often put off the decision until the holidays are over.

Meanwhile, a Google Trends search for "divorce" last year stated that it was, ever so slightly, most popular from January 6 through January 12.

But not everyone thinks January spells bad news for marriages, reports the New York Times.

David K. Wilkinson, a founding partner of the Wilkinson and Finkbeiner law firm in San Diego, said the divorce rate picks up and falls based on a number of different factors.