Two Chinese experts head to the US to assist caring for giant panda Ya Ya
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Two Chinese experts left for the Memphis Zoo in the United States Wednesday to assist in the care of giant panda Ya Ya, the Beijing Zoo said on Thursday.

Chinese giant panda Le Le eats bamboo leaves in its enclosure at the Memphis Zoo in Memphis, Tennessee, the United States, Aug. 13, 2010. (Photo: Xinhua)

The two experts, both specialists in raising giant pandas, will mainly assist in the daily care of Ya Ya and treat her skin condition as well as work with the Memphis Zoo to arrange the necessary breeding and nursing work for the giant panda, said staff at the Beijing Zoo.

“As soon as the specialists arrive in the US, they will try their best to take care of Ya Ya within the limited time (before she returns home) and inspect her physical condition,” the staff explained. It wasn’t clear whether the experts would stay with Ya Ya until her planned return to China.

Both China and the US have been actively negotiating ways to expedite the procedures necessary for Ya Ya's return to her home country. The Chinese side has completed all approvals, while the Beijing Zoo has made preparations to welcome Ya Ya back.

In 2003, Ya Ya from the Beijing Zoo and Le Le from the Shanghai Zoo traveled to the Memphis Zoo in the US state of Tennessee as part of a Sino-US giant panda protection and research program. The agreement was initially for 10 years and was extended by 10 more years in 2013. Earlier in February, Ya Ya's male partner, giant panda Le Le, passed away at the zoo at the age of 25.

(Compiled by Liang Jiayuan)