CIIE facilitates mutual benefits via innovation
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At the CIIE, new products, new technologies, new services, and new processes at home and abroad will be showcased in a concentrated manner to build a bridge of communication between enterprises in Shaanxi province and merchants home and abroad to achieve win-win cooperation through exchanges, learning, innovation and mutual benefit.

Wu Shutao, chief financial officer of Huatian Technology (Xi'an) Co., LTD., told reporters that with the rapid development of the semiconductor industry in China in recent years, his company participates in the CIIE every year and conducts large-scale procurement.

"The contract is mainly for the purchase of integrated circuits, packaging equipment, packaging and testing equipment as well as some production materials. Our total purchase amount is about 125 million dollars, which is equivalent to 770 million Yuan." said by Wu Shutao. He also shared that, Huatian technology as an import and export enterprise will continue to expand its opening.