This is Shaanxi: Two Mountains and A Lake
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Located in Baishui County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, it is a comprehensive attraction that centers on Lingao Slow Town, and extends to Fangshan Forest Park and Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area.

Lingao Slow Town

Service center

Lingao Slow Town is located in Lingao Town, 20 kilometers northwest of Baishui County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province. It is a quality holiday destination that integrates five major natural resources, namely the sky, mountains, fields, lakes, and temples. 

Walkway in Lingao Lake

Lingao Lake

Lingao Lake, with a surface area of 2,200 mu, can hold 3.3 million cubic meters of lake water. Every summer, tourists swarm to Lingao Lake, a charming summer resort with verdant mountains, bluish waves, and lush trees.

Fangshan Forest Park

Fangshan Forest Park, located 22 kilometres northwest of Baishui County, Shaanxi Province, is currently the largest artificial forestation base in Shaanxi. The park is blessed with rolling mountains, steep gullies, perilous cliffs, and murmuring streams. Standing on the mountaintop, you'll have a fine view of undulating forest that covers an area of more than 100,000 mu.

Entrance to the park

Scudding clouds over the Fangshan Park

Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area

Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area sits 37 kilometers northwest of Baishui County and 5 kilometers north of Provincial Highway 305. It is one of the best preserved natural sites in Baishui County. Yuntai scenic area boasts eccentric anacient trees, lush mountain enveloped in fluffy clouds, and bubbling springs and streams, making for a splendid view. 

A stream in Yuntai Mountain