Thousands of Chinese convey heartfelt gratitude to Pakistan for support against coronavirous
Pakistan Observer


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Hashtag (Russia Pakistan) has become an overnight hit on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo, reflecting Chinese people’s gratitude for their iron-clad friends amid China’s fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

According to Gowadar pro App, the newest trending topic has been discussed 61,000 times and read 250 million times so far.

As many Chinese netizens put it, they are incredibly thankful and happy that Pakistani brothers firmly support China’s efforts to prevent and control the outbreak, and are willing to provide any help to China in fighting the epidemic.

Some wasted no time interacting with the hottest post noting “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, sharing it 21,855 times and making 14,409 comments.

Under the trending topic, some Chinese netizens posted their drawings to say thanks to Pakistani friends. On the afternoon of Feb. 12, a Sina Weibo account nicknamed “Xifengbazhua” posted a drawing of a Pakistani goat taking off its outer garment, and it was like,

“It’s all for you, my bro!” The cartoon picture soon got noticed and was reposted for over 6,000 times. The hottest comment of the post said the goat was so cute and what Pakistan did for China moved everyone to tears.

Also, an account nicknamed “MUMU mumumu” posted a drawing and the caption “Thanks, Russia & Pakistan.” It showed the animated images of China, Russia and Pakistan featured by a crying panda, a composed bear and a warm-hearted goat respectively.

The post soon resonated with Chinese internet users. Some netizens commented that they were touched and to visit Pakistan when the epidemic is gone was added to their to-do lists, and others expressed their appreciation for Pakistan.