This is Shaanxi: Huaqing Palace
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The Huaqing Palace Scenic Area is 30 km east of Xi'an, near to the "Eighth Wonder of the World" Terracotta Warriors. It is among the first batch of National 5A Tourist Attractions, National Key Scenic Spots and Key Cultural Relics Under National Protection.


The Main Gate of Huaqing Palace

A dozen emperors in history once built palace here. It is a landmark Tang-style scenic spot well-known at home and abroad for its rich hot spring resources, coupled with historical allusion of the beacon-fire play, the love story of Tang Emperor Xuanzong and his concubine Yang Yuhuan, and historical event Xi'an Incident.


Performance of 1212 Xi'an Incident

In Huaqing Palace, there are cultural sites such as the Tang Imperial Pools Relic Museum, the former site of the Xi'an Incident-Wujian Hall(Five Room Hall), Jiulong Lake(Nine Dragon Lake) and Furong Lake Scenic Area, Tang Pear Garden Relic Museum as well as Feishuang Hall, Wanshou Hall, Changsheng Hall, Huan Garden and King Yu Hall and other landmark buildings.


Furong Lake Scenic Area

Lishan Mountain, 1,302 meters above sea level, is scattered with many scenic spots, among which "Lishan Evening Glow" is the most famous.

Lishan Evening Glow

Laomudian Cloud Sea

Their love story is unique as one was the owner of the world's strongest empire at that time, and the other was a beautiful, talented woman. Although Emperor Xuanzong is 34 years older than Yang, the two had same interest and harboured deep affection for each other.


Stage photo

In 744 AD, Emperor Xuanzong expanded Huaqing Palace and built Haitang Pool for Yang to bathe. Since then, Emperor Xuanzong and Concubine Yang spent 10 years together in the Huaqing Palace.

In 755 AD during the Anshi Rebellion, Concubine Yang was convicted of "bringing harm to the country" and was forced to commit suicide in Maweipo.The unparalleled love was over after her death.