A Pakistan volunteer's life amid epidemic in Shanghai
By Foreigner
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Mansoor works with police office as a volunteer

Mansoor has been in China for 4 years. After graduating from Xi'an Jiaotong University, he worked at a company in Shanghai. Knowing the transmission of the new crown pneumonia, Mansoor tried to avoid going out, and did proper protection and necessary disinfection while working in the office. 

On January 24, Shanghai launched the Level I response to major public health emergencies. Mansoor had two options: return to his own country and wait, or stay in China to face this situation. In order to help China, the country that gave Mansoor good education and life, he decided to stay.

On February 1, after learning that the Community Volunteer Service Center of Waigang Town issued a call for volunteers, Mansour reported to the party organization of his community as soon as possible, hoping to make his contribution. In the morning of February 4th, the 26-year-old Pakistani Mansour came to the Shanghai Manor's preparation team in Waigang Town. Wearing goggles, protective clothing, and rubber gloves, he and other community workers started volunteering work.

China is my second home and it needs me and i can not sit back. Beside, China and Pakistan are friends of all weathers, it pushed to play my role for society. Although it is least someone can do. if we all think "why should we volunteer, then we can not win but if we all think i should volunteer then we are not far from winning.

Biggest feeling as a volunteer is happiness, My father has always taught me the real happiness is felt after you help someone and i realized he is true. I have seen online stories about children getting sick because of virus and are in qurantine, i felt sad. When i work as volunteer, the co-volunteers or other people after realizing i am a foreigner and working as volunteer, it raised their confidence, they felt they aren't alone, China and Pakistan has always helped each other at the time of need, so, it is my time because both are my countries.

I want to let people know about how to stay safe from virus and let them know it is not virus that kills, it is fear, i wish if i can bring up some more volunteers and we keep fighting this virus, because i want to see my China happy and safe as it was before this virus and i am sure it will be very soon. After the epidemic, the first thing i want to do is go out and eat hotpot.

Besides this, I want to go out and let people know that no problem comes without a solution, it is just a matter of time that takes while reaching the solution. so no matter what, don't give up and stay strong, because a nation that can build a hospital in 7 days can do anything.

I want to thanks teachers from my Xi'an Jiaotong University for always supporting me. I want to thanks all teachers for making us what we are today. Doctors and Nurses working day and night in the hospital, policemen working day and night to make us safe and people at toll tax without concerns of weathers are helping us to make our lives easy are the real inspiration of the daily life. I want to thanks Chinese Government for taking good care of us all residents (Chinese or Foreigners) and praise them for their quick and better steps for fighting against coronavirus.