This is Shaanxi: Shimen along the Yellow River
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The Shimen Scenic Spot is located in the Hancheng City of Weinan, Shaanxi on the northeast side of the 108 National Highway, Xiyu Expressway, and Yanhuang Road.

Drive northeast from the 108 National Highway in Hancheng City, cross the Longmen Railway Highway Bridge and turn left, and go northwest for another 5 kilometers, you'll be greeted by a pavilion by the Yellow River. Below the pavilion is the famous Shimen, or Stone Gate.     

Shimen Scenic Spot

Shimen is located at the southern end of the Shanxi-Shaanxi Gorge. The surging Yellow River flows rapidly from a rocky cliff with a width of only 60 meters which is like a natural gate made of stone, hence the name Shimen (Stone Gate).

Precipices on both sides of the Yellow River are virtually a hundred meters above the riverbed, with a width of only 90 meters at the bottom.   

Charming Shimen Scenic Spot

Two cliffs on both side, which are about a hundred meters high, are like two door leaves. Turbulent Yellow River become calm when it flows to Shimen, a narrow stone gate, presenting a magnificent view.

Magnificent Shimen Scenic Spot