"Capture the Moment·Shaanxi in Foreigners' Eyes" theme activity kicked off
Discover Shannxi

On the morning of November 9th, "Capture the Moment·Shaanxi in Foreigners' Eyes" theme activity kicked off at the iHarbour of Xi'an Jiaotong University. The theme activity this year is sponsored by the Information Office and Foreign Affairs Office of Shaanxi People's Government, and E-Government Office of Shaanxi Province. It is organized by Discover Shaanxi English Channel and the English Website of Shaanxi People's Government, with the assistance of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Chang'an University and Xi'an International Studies University.

The launching ceremony started at 10 o'clock this morning. Pictures taken in the activity during the previous three years were shown at the venue through exhibition board and VCR. The theme activity was officially annouced by Shan Hong, Deputy Minister of the Publicity Department of Shaanxi Province. Ms Shan, together with Li Anjun, Deputy Inspector of the Foreign Affairs Office of Shaanxi Province and Zhao Yingzhou, Deputy Director of E-Government Office of Shaanxi Province presented the flag to three representatives of the international students.

With both online and offline activities arranged, this event is divided into three parts, namely photo collection, photo exhibition, and online storytelling.

The first part is photo collection, representatives of foreign students in Shaanxi and several other foreign personnel will be invited to travel around the province and take pictures. During the photo collection phase, foreign students will set foot on iHARBOUR of Xi'an Jiaotong University to see the openness of Shaanxi's universities, on Tongchuan to take a look at the Yaozhou porcelain, on Hanzhong to discover the cultural relics of the Han dynasties, and on Xi'an to feel what the 14th National Games will bring about to Shaanxi. This part is designed to discover the beauty and stories of Shaanxi province.

Then we will pick out some excellent pictures taken in the activity. At the same time, we will cooperate with the Global Times to call for global entries that are related to Shaanxi. And then more importantly, those photos will be put on exhibition in December in Xi'an. In the third phase, foreign personnel engaged in this activity will be invited to share their stories in Shaanxi.

The activity will be carried on People's Daily, Global Times, Xuexi Qiangguo Platform, CNWEST(Shaanxi News Network), Shaanxi Headline, the English Website of Shaanxi People's Government, and Discover Shaanxi English Channel.


In Ms Shan, Deputy Minister of the Publicity Department of Shaanxi Province, said that with the advancement of the Belt & Road initiative, Shaanxi is speeding up its economic cooperation and cultural exchanges with countries and regions along the Silk Road, striving to build a hub of reform and open up in inland regions. The purpose of the activity is to discover the beauty of Shaanxi and record changes in Shaanxi from the perspective of foreign students studying in Shaanxi. We hope that their cameras and fantastic pictures would present a green, open, dynamic and harmonious Shaanxi to their friends, to more foreigners and to the whole world.

Rao Jianjun, Editor-in-Chief of CNWEST, said that we upgrade the activity this year so as to better cooperate with foreign friends to promote Shaanxi. We'd like to present to the world a new image of Shaanxi, a place that well combines the old and new, the tradition and modernity.

“We should try to find, explore and discover more. Shaanxi would embrace people from all over the world with delight just like an amiable mother. Let's discover Shaanxi together!", said Luo Fei from Barbados studying at Xi'an Jiaotong University.

In a dozen of days to come, international students will record the beauty and changes of Shaanxi with their cameras. They will definitely help promote Shaanxi and well tell the stories of Shaanxi.