BOC grants 115.9 bln USD credit to support Belt and Road construction

Bank of China (BOC) has granted 115.9 billion U.S. dollars worth of credit lines to countries along the Belt and Road by the end of June, reported by on August 21.


Photo: Xinhua

According to the report, the bank financed more than 600 projects under the Belt and Road initiative by the end of June.

It is learned that the lender has expanded its footprints in countries along the Belt and Road. Up to now, the bank has established affiliates in 56 countries and regions around the world, which include more than 20 countries along the Belt and Road.

Besides, the bank played a key role as a bridge in the Belt and Road construction. By far, it has held five Belt and Road international financial cooperation seminars in 18 countries, and nearly 170 senior officials and enterprises executives have participated.