Video | B&R Initiative turns Chinese dream into world's dream: US scholar
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The People's Daily recently interviewed Dr. Mark Levine, an American scholar at Minzu University of China, where he teaches in the School of Foreign Studies. As the Belt and Road Initiative marks the fifth anniversary, Dr. Levine shares his thoughts on the implications of the initiative.

Dr. Levine said as China seeks to develop new trading partners around the world, it needs to help potential partners build their ability to trade, which involves the development of infrastructure. "Through BRI, China is creating its trading partners instead of seeking new ones," he said.

BRI serves to create more chances in educational exchanges. Dr. Levine mentioned he had encountered international students who came to pursue a degree in China on BRI scholarships. The knowledge they absorbed would serve to help their home countries as well.

An interesting aspect is that BRI has brought countries that have different interests united in the same agenda under the BRI framework. "The more hands there are that place wood on the fire, the fire will grow. Through the mutually beneficial relationship, different countries will have more trade partners and ultimately the world will be more harmonious and peaceful," Dr. Levine said.

He believes that the BRI is the continuation of the Chinese Dream proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2012. "The Chinese dream is about improving health, environment and alleviating people from poverty. Every country wants this for their people. Through the BRI, this will become the world's dream," he added.

(Produced by Han Xiaomeng and Qiao Wai;Filmed by Lei Cuijie and An Ran)