China to roll out comprehensive transport system by 2035
China Daily

China is expected to build a comprehensive modern transport system by 2035, according to the country's transport authority.

China's first self-developed 160 kilometer-an-hour magnetic levitation train, made by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co Ltd, undergoes a test in Hunan province. (Photo: China Daily)

The transport system will provide strong support for major national strategies, the construction of a modern economic system and the building of great modern socialist country, said Li Xiaopeng, head of the Ministry of Transport, on Tuesday.

The transport system will be composed of three networks: a high-speed network of high-speed railways, expressways and civil aviation, an arterial network of low-speed railways, national highways and waterways, and oil and gas pipelines, and a basic network of provincial highways, rural highways, regional railways and general aviation, he said at a news conference at the State Council Information Office on Tuesday.

The system will allow commuting in the cities within one hour, travel time to neighboring cities cut to two hours and major cities nationwide to three hours, he said, adding that domestically delivery service will also be shortened to one day, as well as shipping to neighboring countries in two days and logistics to major cities worldwide in three days.