China always attaches importance to export products quality: FM spokesperson


Workers count masks at Shanghai Yuanqin Purification Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, east China, on Jan. 26, 2020. (File photo: Xinhua)

China always attaches great importance to the quality of export products and is actively providing all kinds of medical supplies for pandemic prevention to the international community, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Thursday.

According to reports, Finnish officials on Wednesday complained about the quality of surgical masks and respirators purchased from China recently.

Spokesperson Zhao Lijian told a news briefing that, based on preliminary investigations, these masks were purchased by the Finnish side from intermediaries, and declared for export at Chinese customs as masks for non-surgical use.

"We will further verify the information," said the spokesperson, adding that no one should jump at conclusion before the fact is thoroughly investigated.

"Under the current global situation of fighting the pandemic, China has overcome its own difficulties and relevant Chinese enterprises are running at full steam around the clock to provide anti-epidemic materials to the international community," Zhao said, adding that China has introduced tighter regulatory measures.

Relevant exporters of medical products need to provide extra documentation as a commitment that their products have certificates of registration approved by medical product administrations and meet the quality control standards of their respective export destinations when they go through customs clearance, according to the spokesperson.