Joy City hosts Culture Promotion Business Summit in Sanya
By Zhu Rongpeng
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Zhou Zheng, Vice President of COFCO and Chairman of GrandJoy Holdings, delivers a keynote speech.(Photo: Grandjoy)

Haikou (People's Daily) – Representatives from JD Group, Starbucks, Li-Ning, Apple, and many more convened in Sanya, Hainan Province for the Culture Promotion Business Summit and the 2019 Joy City Holdings Commercial Brand Promotion Conference sponsored by COFCO’s Joy City Holdings. 

COFCO Vice President and Joy City Chairman Zhou Zheng said during a keynote speech that Joy City had successfully completed brand integration this year, and that with brand integration completed, the state-owned capital efficiency would improve and increasing sustainable development capacity.

Since the company’s reorganization, Joy City has promoted its “two-wheeled dual-core” strategy through coordinating holdings and sales to become a vital city operator and better-life service provider. The company’s goal is to advance self-iteration in the commercial sector while following closely urban development. 

On the basis of a mature commercial product, the company launched its latest brand, Joy Breeze, a collaborative development between Joy City, Joy Breeze, and Shine Hills, three core company brands. 

During the conference, Joy City unveiled its “Business Customer Group,” a concept that focuses on youth culture that allows the company to refine its position while expanding coverage of Joy Breeze to secure greater development opportunities.