US’ self-righteousness will lead to nothing but failure
By Zhong Sheng
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Washington’s self-righteousness is nothing more than an attempt to gain more benefits through playing tricks. However, it has neglected the fact that the trade war it wages with the world could backfire.


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Research from the International Monetary Fund finds that US importers ‘almost entirely’ bear the cost of tariffs, which are then passed on to the consumers.

Washington’s recent assault on Huawei has led to a blow that battered US technology shares. The stocks of multiple American firms fell sharply as a consequence of “the cold war in tech” that was hyped up by some US politicians.

Some narrow-minded US politicians advocate that hegemony is more powerful than rules and interests are more important than pursuits, believing that to coerce and exert extreme pressure on China will come to a good end.

Bloomberg pointed out that the US government frequently adopts national security reviews in the trade battlefields that are being carried out everywhere. This will lead to a bad precedent and the US will be doomed to hurt itself.

This is indeed the case. The US has repeatedly challenged the current multilateral international order and has become the biggest destroyer and most unstable factor in the current international system.

People with insights from all over the world have appealed for justice, sternly criticizing Washington for a series of conducts that go against the trend of the time. The arrogant and unconstrained hegemonic behaviors of the US earn little support and will only be answered with stronger counter-measures.

American mathematician Albert William Tucker said that if everyone wants to maximize their own interests, they will end up with a lose-lose situation. What lies behind Washington’s self-righteousness is nothing but zero-sum game mentality.

However, the US has underestimated the ability and determination of other countries to protect their core interests.

A number of countries have taken counter-measures against the US for provoking trade disputes and prosecuted the latter at the World Trade Organization. The US has miscalculated thinking that it could intimidate China by imposing tariffs on Chinese products worth hundreds of billions of US dollars.

In a world where countries are interdependent, it is stupid for the US to believe that a trade war is “easy to win” and its opponents are “easy to lose”.

Washington has underestimated the wisdom, strategies and willpower of its opponents, which will only lead to the escalation of chaos and crises, said the German newspaper Der Spiegel.

History has told us that true wisdom comes from win-win cooperations, and there is no future for self-righteousness and a beggar-thy-neighbor approach.

When the interests of all countries are closely intertwined and the fate is closely related, cooperation is much needed for mankind to cope with risks and challenges, Jeffrey Sachs, an economist professor at Columbia University, said in his book A New Foreign Policy: Beyond American Exceptionalism.

The US government, which acts willfully by adopting the “America first” strategy, and intentionally sabotaging international rules, has exposed its obsession with American exceptionalism.

Such toxic concepts and practices are not only harmful to the United States, but also very dangerous to the world.

Cooperation leads to win-win results while confrontation leads to lose-lose situations. For China and the United States, cooperation is the only right choice. If the politicians of the US cannot see the historical trend and remain addicted to self-righteousness, their tricks such as provoking confrontations, intimidating and pressuring, and escalating conflicts, will lead nowhere.