So who's betraying the cause of the SAR?
People's Daily

After calling on foreign governments to impose "sanctions" on Hong Kong because of the announced national security legislation for the special administrative region, the secessionist-minded Joshua Wong Chi-fung and his friends have now urged the United Nations for a discussion on Hong Kong issues.

This shows how his group Demosisto is betraying his own country. After all, who has incited or even directly committed violence and threatened the security of Hong Kong people? Who has helped and asked for foreign politicians to intervene in Hong Kong? The group has just to look in the mirror to find answers.

Demosisto tried to ruin Hong Kong's future through foreign intervention. They have repeatedly lied to young people in Hong Kong, turning them into cannon fodder in pursuit of their goal of "independence" for Hong Kong.

It was Demosisto that first trained some youths and misled them into committing violence on the streets. When these armed rioters committed enough violence to be branded as terrorists, their leaders went underground, boasting of their "achievements" to their foreign masters. However, just before the elections in November 2019, they disposed of the latter in order to cheat voters.

Even while opposing the national security legislation, Demosisto posted a link on social media seeking donations in United States dollars.

It was Demosisto that begged its foreign masters for help. The group lost a chance to make it to the legislature, because their principle was against Hong Kong's Basic Law and they had little political influence. Yet they found a way out by meeting foreign politicians and even begging the US Congress to pass acts against Hong Kong. They will do anything to please their foreign masters.

Reports say that Demosisto members have been standing in the streets in the past few days inciting residents against the planned national security legislation, but getting little public support. Even the German foreign minister, who used to talk with Wong, recently said Wong showed separatist tendencies.

Demosisto's true face is being recognized by more people and it will soon be junked by all.