Should PE grades be required for college admission?


Physical education is as important as academic study. People won't succeed without a healthy body.

A student does the standing long jump during the final physical education tests at No 2 Middle School in Beijing, capital of China, Jan 21, 2015. The PE subject, together with Chinese, math and English subjects is tested compulsorily in the finals starting from the fall term of 2014 for students in this school. [Photo/Xinhua]

Editor's note: According to the Ministry of Education, China will gradually raise required PE test scores on high school entrance exams to the same level as those of Chinese, math and English to improve physical education. A research will also be initiated to include PE classes in the national college entrance exam, or gaokao. Should PE be given more emphasis? What should we do to promote physical activity for students? China Daily readers share their opinions.

Alexis Lynn

More physical activity is needed, but I think homework loads should be reduced to foster healthier lifestyles. As is often the case, students spend too much time studying, leaving them very little free time to do physical exercises. Additionally, making physical education part of high school entrance exams might not be the best idea. Some are not adept at different forms of physical education regardless of how much they try, while others are naturally adept. Having a base level they need to pass would be fine, but I think ranking their performance wouldn't necessarily be beneficial. Just because one person is better at running than another does not mean they are healthier.

Students at Jingdian High School in Handan, Hebei province, participate in soccer drills in May. WANG XIAO/XINHUA