Observer: US double standard foreign policy exposes hegemonic mentality
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The US Senate passed the so-called Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019 on Tuesday. This act turns black into white while neglecting truth and represents the typical hallmarks of shameless US double standard thinking.

The US has a long history of double standards, as revealed by their Hong Kong interference. They have labeled the rioters as "democratic warriors", while ignoring fundamental human rights, and public opinions centered on ending the violence and restoring order.

US leaders eagerly indulge the protesters and issue pro-violence statements, while banning voices that appeal for the truth and defend the rule of law. Such blatant double standards have exposed sinister intentions under the seemingly noble guise of undermining human rights and democracy while suppressing China's development.

It’s not surprising that many feel the so-called Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act violates basic human rights and democracy and should be the "Support Hong Kong Violence Act".

It is widely understood that violence mars the rule of law, and chaos erodes social stability and development. US politicians are aware of such things, and their double standard mentality involves repressing demonstrations on domestic soil while encouraging savage behavior in foreign countries.

In August, demonstrations erupted in Portland, Oregon. City law enforcement set up roadblocks, cordoned off streets, and diverted commuter traffic. The protest was squashed after arrests were made.

US President Donald Trump said on Twitter the Portland protesters were "terrorists". Meanwhile, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the Hong Kong protests were "a beautiful sight to behold".

On the one hand, the US government condemns violence on its soil. On the other hand, it says anti-riot efforts on foreign soil is a form of police brutality. What a blatant double-standard to behold!

Behind this US double standard lies a deep-seated hegemonic mentality. To maximize US interests, some politicians spare no effort in provoking unrest in foreign nations and have even launched a worldwide "Color Revolution". They wash their hands clean while vilifying other countries without any moral sense. They implement a global "prism scheme" and then accuse other countries of unleashing cyberattacks on them.

They willfully intervene in the internal affairs of others while denouncing foreign nations for interfering with US elections.

They engage in trade protectionist behavior while criticizing other countries for "destroying free trade". What could be more willful? In their mind, "power is truth", as if society is still according to the law of the jungle.

US politicians are neither supportive of freedom and democracy in Hong Kong nor the well-being of the city's residents. Their aim is to upend the city and obstruct China's development by destroying Hong Kong. However, the Chinese will never cower in the face of US hegemony.

The most pressing task for Hong Kong is to end the chaos and restore order. It is also the most important human rights feature that Hong Kong residents have been pleading for since the protests started in June.

The Chinese government has unswerving determination to protect national sovereignty, security and development interests, implement "one country, two systems" policy and oppose any external force in interfering in Hong Kong's affairs.

The efforts put forth by the US government to obstruct and restrict China's development in the name of freedom and democracy are doomed to fail.

Hong Kong's destiny can only be determined by the Chinese, and this also includes the city's residents. The double standards applied by US politicians, regardless of presentation or performance, will be discarded by the world.

(Compiled by Ryan Yaoran Yu and Elaine Yue Lin)