Van Gogh exhibition opens at National Museum of China
Global Times


Visitors explore the Van Gogh exhibition "Immersive Experience, Fantasy of The Inner world" at the National Museum of China in Beijing on Saturday. (Photo: IC)

A high-tech exhibition featuring more than 200 paintings from the late post-impressionist genius Vincent van Gogh kicked off at Beijing's National Museum of China on Saturday. 

Using 360-degree holographic panoramic ultra-high-definition laser projection equipment and VR technology, the museum aims to provide visitors an immersive way to experience Van Gogh's art.

Although none of Van Gogh's actual artworks are on display, the advanced technology at the exhibition allows visitors the opportunity to interact with his art. For example, visitors can view the flowing Milky Way and flying sunflowers projected on the ceilings, walls and floors as they listen to music.

This marks the first time that the 107-year-old museum has abandoned real artworks in favor of a high-tech display.

As Van Gogh is a household name in China, the exhibition has quickly attracted the attention of the public. According to some staff at the exhibition hall, tickets prior to July 13 have already sold out.

The beauty of the artist's paintings are not the only thing on display, visitors can also view a 1:1 replica of Van Gogh's bedroom when he was in Arles, France, in 1888.