Chinese artist works to spread Chinese peony culture in US

Famous Chinese peony artist and calligrapher Jiang Yiqiao said on Saturday that he hopes his paintings of peony can make the American people develop a better understanding of peony culture in China, which can serve as a bridge of friendship between the people of the two countries.


(Photo: VCG)

Jiang, who is hailed as "Prince of Peony," said he is happy to see 40 selected collections of his peony paintings and calligraphy on display at the first exhibition of traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy at the Seattle WASA International Art Center in Bellevue, a city in the state of Washington.

The three-day exhibition, which ended on Saturday, drew large crowds of Chinese and American audience who cherish a deep love for peony, a flower seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in traditional Chinese culture.

Jiang has long been dedicated to spreading peony culture to the US and was the pioneering Chinese artist to introduce peonies to the western US region by successfully growing the long-lived deciduous woody shrubs in the Seattle Chinese Garden more than two years ago.

Jiang has held several lecture sessions in the US about the benefits of the art of peony and calligraphy, unveiling the secret techniques and skills of peony painting and the long history of peony cultivation in China.

He said he hopes the cultural exchanges between the US and China will flourish and thrive as the blossoming peonies in his paintings.