China to celebrate cultural and natural heritage day

(Photo: CGTN)

China"s 4,296 major cultural heritage sites and 5,354 museums will join a national celebration on this year"s cultural and natural heritage day, according to the National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA).

The cultural heritage sites and museums will launch various activities free of charge, including lectures and forums, NCHA official Lu Qiong said at a press conference held Thursday.

This year"s cultural and natural heritage day falls on June 8.

An intangible cultural heritage fair will be held in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou from June 7 to 10 and consists of exhibitions, shows, lectures and forums presenting about 40 forms of art on the List of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Intangible Cultural Heritage, said Hu Yan, an official with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Since 2006, China has celebrated cultural heritage day on the second Saturday of June. In 2017, it was renamed cultural and natural heritage day.