Educational videos become new trend on TikTok
By Tan Bowen
People's Daily app

American teenagers have been using TikTok to share history, fostering the educational side of TikTok but still keeping it fun, BuzzFeed News reported.

On their channels, they find trending memes and audio to match specific historical moments, and then role-play key figures or events by wearing period costumes, act comically, and add subtitles about the past.    

TikTok, the overseas version of China's Douyin, is mostly known for 15-second videos such as hand gestures for lip-synching and dance challenges. Short, quick, stimulating and endless feeds are the reasons why TikTokers are addicted. 

History TikToks allow users to see the great potential of TikTok in terms of the educational side rather than pure entertainment. Fifteen seconds cannot cover everything, but the neutralization of the fun and dull knowledge helps students study better, creatively and effectively.

Aside from the history genre, content on cooking, photography, calligraphy and programming are also being posted and getting greater attention. This educational trend on TikTok may not only diversify educational methods, they may also redefine entertainment short video platforms led by TikTok.