Aerial view of Beijing’s International Horticultural Expo 2019
Aerial photos capture stunning views of the site of Beijing’s International Horticultural Exposition 2019, including main hall and gardens decorated by blooming flowers and flourishing trees. /VCG Photo
The expo will be held in Yanqing District from April 29 to October 7 under the theme “Live Green, Live Better.” It will feature the latest developments in floriculture and fruit and vegetable farming. /VCG Photo
More than 110 countries and international organizations, as well as over 120 non-official exhibitors, have confirmed participation – the highest attendance in the global event's history. /VCG Photo
Visitors from home and abroad are being invited to “visit the garden of gardens, enjoy a feast of cultures, read a botanical encyclopedia, have an ecological class and share a smart experience together,” said Zhou Jianping, executive director general of the event’s coordination bureau. /VCG Photo