New principles issued for smart governance of AI growth
By Gu Yekai
People's Daily app

China put in place new principles to guide the future research and application of new artificial technologies on Monday. It will serve as a framework for scientists and lawmakers to promote "safe, controllable and responsible use" of AI for the benefit of mankind.


(File photo: VCG)

Recent years have witnessed major developments in AI technologies and these have been profoundly changing our way of life and that of the world. To promote the healthy development and global governance of AI, the committee has created eight general principles to guide future AI development after rounds of consultations and public suggestions.

The document was published by the National Governance Committee for  New Generation Artificial Intelligence. The committee consists of a board of AI and public policy experts from universities and research institutions to examine the impact of AI on laws, ethics and society.

The principles emphasize the theme of "responsible AI," and aim to ensure the safety and control of AI technologies, as well as their role in supporting sustainable socioeconomic and environmental growth.