E-evidence preservation potential key area for blockchain use: white paper


Hangzhou Internet Court's judicial blockchain. (Photo: IC)

Electronic evidence preservation is a potential important area for blockchain technology to be applied, according to a recently-issued white paper.

Entitled "White Paper on Blockchain Technology Application in Judicial Evidence Storage," the document was the result of joint compiling efforts that were led by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the Shanghai Higher People's Court and involved more than 20 organizations, including courts and technology companies.

With the rapid development of digital economy, electronic evidence has been increasingly used in judicial practice. However, electronic evidence still faces challenges as it is prone to be tampered.

Last year, the Supreme People's Court clarified that blockchain technology can be used to address problems on electronic evidence preservation.

According to the white paper, the blockchain technology is tamper-proof and secure and can help improve the credibility and authenticity of electronic evidence. The combination of blockchain and electronic evidence can reduce the cost of preserving electronic evidence, facilitate evidence examination and improve litigation efficiency.