5G technology applied in various sectors
People's Daily Online

A visitor tries out an AR security device based on Nokia's 5G technology at the First China International Import Expo in Shanghai, east China, Nov. 5, 2018. (Photo: Xinhua)

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently granted 5G licenses for commercial use. Already, 5G technology has been applied in some sectors.

5G for communication: faster transmission speed

China's first 5G service hall has been established in Chaoyangmen area of Beijing, where citizens can now experience the 5G network.

In the service hall, staff can use a device to convert 5G mobile signal into WiFi so that citizens can experience the high-speed 5G network.

The unique test device indicated that multiple users' FTP download speeds could peak at around 450 Mbps, averaging at 200Mbps, which means it is possible to download a 1GB HD film in just a few seconds.

5G for transportation: effective, smart operation and maintenance

Full 5G coverage has been realized for Yunba, a 1.5 km-long tram track at the Chinese carmaker BYD's headquarters in Shenzhen. The self-driving system has achieved 24-hours of intelligent operation.

The application of 5G technology ensures unified management of all Yunba devices, and guarantees smart and effective project operation.

Thanks to the 5G network, staff can monitor dozens of high-definition videos in the control center in real-time. In the case of an abnormal situation, they can respond immediately to prevent potential risks.

5G for medical treatment: remote surgery made possible

A patient suffering from heart disease was saved thanks to remote surgery with the help of 5G technology.

A hospital in northern Guangdong's remote Gaozhou city carried out the operation on April 3. Before the surgery, all the patient's data was transmitted to the People's Hospital of Guangdong Province 400 kilometers away.

Under the instructions of Professor Guo Huiming and his team at People's Hospital of Guangdong Province using 5G technology, the surgeon He Yong, wearing a high-definition wireless probe on his head, started the operation at about 10 a.m.

During the operation, ultra-high-definition pictures were transmitted through the probe worn by the surgeon to the high-definition display at Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital. Thanks to 5G live streaming, the remote surgery was completed successfully in three hours.

5G for manufacturing: smart production lines

The Hongxin 5G smart factory, a subsidiary of China Xinke Group located in Wuhan, is home to the first 5G intelligent manufacturing production line jointly established by the company and China Mobile's Hubei branch.

The order and production data of the entire production line, the operating status of the equipment and monitoring videos are all displayed on the big screen of the information management platform.

Zhang Wei, the production manager, said that the data is collected in real time and connected with the 5G-based automated internet platform. Managers can ensure smart management through the platform or even by using the mobile app.

The system can directly identify any equipment failure, send alarms and define causes of the problems by analyzing different fault codes, shortening the information transmission and fault handling response time by 80 percent, which significantly improves the operation and maintenance efficiency, Zhang added.