Tech China: Highlights from the 2023 National Science and Technology Week in Beijing
By Wu Meixuan, Li Sichen
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The 2023 National Science and Technology Week took place from May 20 to 31 in Beijing. Approximately 300 scientific and technological advancements in areas such as aerospace, artificial intelligence, computing chips, quantum computing, medical health, robotics, new materials, the metaverse, and new energy were showcased. Here are some highlights from the exhibition.

Pumpkins with five corners, elongated bitter gourds, and fist-sized melons showcased the results of space breeding. Space breeding involves sending seeds into orbit for a few days. Upon their return to Earth, mutated seeds are selected based on favorable genetic traits, ranging from resistance to extreme weather to increased nutrient content.

A quadruped fire robot was demonstrated, under the remote control of the exhibitor. The fire robot, brought by the Beijing Fire and Rescue Corps, is equipped with a camera and a mechanical arm, capable of bearing significant weight. The robot can carry up to 40 kilograms, assisting in transportation and replacing firefighters in high-risk sites, according to the exhibitor.

Children queued to experience the driving simulation of China's Fuxing bullet train. Fuxing, also known as "Rejuvenation," represents China's domestically developed new generation of bullet trains. Currently, the top speed of Fuxing can reach 400 kilometers per hour, with a standard speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

The Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgical Robot from Beijing Surgerii Robotics Company Limited can simultaneously deliver an endoscope and multiple surgical instruments to patients through a small incision. The robot's snake-arm design has enabled innovative applications in numerous departments such as urology, pediatrics, general surgery, and gynecology, providing a more minimally invasive therapeutic option for treating various diseases.

A digital human imitated a child's behavior. This digital human integrates facial capture, motion capture, gesture capture, face reconstruction, voice transfer, and other technologies of artificial intelligence algorithms.

At the physics exhibition held by the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, a child manipulated dancing paper clips. As the voltage at both ends of the coil beneath the stage fluctuated with the rhythm of the music, the strength of the magnetic field also varied, resulting in the paper clips dancing.