China completes marine observation test of new ocean-monitoring satellite

satellite cover.jpg

A screenshot from CCTV. (Photo: China Daily)

BEIJING - A marine observation test of China's newly launched ocean-monitoring satellite HY-1D has been completed, sources with the Ministry of Natural Resources said Wednesday.

Led by the ministry's National Satellite Ocean Application Service, the experiment at sea is an important part of the in-orbit testing of the satellite, which has provided synchronous observation data for payload performance and product authenticity.

China launched the HY-1D on June 11. Together with the HY-1C satellite, launched in 2018, the HY-1D will form the country's first civil-use satellite constellation to increase its global observation coverage and improve its monitoring of ocean color, water temperature, coastal resources and the environment.

Once built, the constellation will also offer support for industries such as meteorology, agriculture and water conservation, the ministry said.