New river liner part ferry, part tour bus in Shanghai

A new Huangpu River liner service blending ferry and sightseeing functions debuted today in Shanghai.

The liner has two stops – the Jinling Rd E. Dock and Dinghai Road Dock – each of which primarily serves tourists.

The cruise ship

The Dinghai Road Dock is located at the Shanghai International Fashion Center.

Dinghai Road Dock is located in Yangpu District at the Shanghai International Fashion Center, once the largest textile mill in Asia.

The liner service is designed to be a regular hop-on, hop-off cruise on the Huangpu River, stringing together a number of attractions along the banks of the river, according to the Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise Co.

The view of Lujiazui from Puxi across the Huangpu River.

The route of the liner service

More stops will be added, including a dock in the Pudong New Area in the next couple months.

The liner strings attractions such as the Yuyuan Garden scenic area, Shanghai Jiushi Art Museum and Shanghai International Fashion Center.

A single ticket costs 99 yuan (US$15.33) per person, and passengers can hop on and off multiple times a day.

Tickets are half price for children and seniors aged 70 and older.

Four liners operate daily from 1pm to 4pm at Jinling Rd E. Dock with one-hour intervals, and between 2pm and 5pm at Dinghai Road Dock with the same interval.