China, ROK establish fast track for essential visits

BEIJING, April 30 (Xinhua) -- China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) have opened a "fast-track lane" for essential personnel on urgent visits in the areas of commerce, logistics, production and technological services, a foreign ministry spokesperson said here Thursday.

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File photo: CGTN

Geng Shuang said at a press briefing that the "fast-track lane" aims to facilitate the exchange of personnel urgently needed for resumption of production, uphold and develop bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and maintain the stability of industrial and supply chains between the two countries.

As an important achievement of the second video-conference of the China-ROK cooperation mechanism on joint prevention and control of COVID-19, the establishment of the "fast-track lane" will help China and ROK better coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control, as well as economic and social development, Geng said.

"The 'fast track lane' will generally follow the principle of reciprocity, but the specific measures of the two countries may not match exactly, as the epidemic prevention demands of the two sides are different," Geng said.

Noting that the "fast-track lane" regulations will apply to the first batch of 10 provinces and cities in China, Geng said ROK firms will apply to the Chinese side. If approved, relevant personnel shall apply for Chinese visa and have shorter isolation time after passing quarantine tests.

Chinese citizens wishing to use the "fast track lane" may apply for exemption from isolation while applying for visa to the ROK embassy in China. If approved, they must accept the local dynamic epidemic prevention management, Geng said.

"The two sides will strengthen communication and coordination and continuously adjust and improve the plan in light of the epidemic situation and prevention and control policies of the two countries," he said.