Elderly couple dances through stroke recovery
By Da Hang
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(Photo: Global Times)

Every morning Lin Yan, 73, and her husband Li Qingman, 75, can be seen dancing cheek-to-cheek in their local park – as a testament to their years of marriage and lasting love for one another, Huanqiu.com reported. 

It also shows the incredible things someone can do for their significant other, when their health is concerned since Li suffered a serious cerebral ischemic stroke in 2017.

Lin said her husband is a disabled veteran and has been unable to care for himself since he had his stroke.


(Photo: Global Times)

Li’s doctor recommended stretching different muscles to help with his recovery.

Since Lin loves dancing, she decided to take her husband to the park every morning and dance with him, cheek-to-cheek. She lets Li lean on her and she leads them in their morning dances.

“This is my way of taking acre of my loved one,” Lin said with a smile. “I don’t feel safe to have someone else take care of him. We’ve been married for so long, I know what he needs just by looking into his eyes.”


(Photo: Global Times)