IMF report sees continued growth for Chinese economy
By Wu Lejun
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Washington (People's Daily) - The IMF’s annual Article IV report issued Thursday highlighted China’s strong economic performance and continued efforts on all-around improvements.  

According to the IMF report, Chinese GDP growth accelerated to 6.9 percent in 2017, driven by a cyclical rebound in global trade. 

IMF offered positive views on reforms progressed in several key areas, such as a wide range of reforms reduced financial sector risks, overcapacity reduction progressed, and opening-up further accelerated. 

IMF welcomed China’s strong commitment to free trade and multilateralism, citing the recently announced package of opening-up policies as being in the right direction.

The report recognized the importance of resolving trade tensions in ways that support and strengthen the international trading system and the global economy, which has always been China’s plan.

When asked about the latest round of US-imposed tariffs, IMF Deputy Division Chief for Asia and the Pacific, Sonali Jain-Chandra, said at a press conference that second-round repercussions on the latest Trump tariffs could see. 

“Increased uncertainty, disruptions in supply chains, as well as increased undermining consumer sentiment. This could weigh on both consumption as well as investment and have a more significant macroeconomic impact,” said Jain-Chandra.