Didi fined for lax coronavirus measures after multiple drivers tested positive
Global Times

The headquarters of DiDi in Beijing. (Photo: VCG)

Ride-hailing platform Didi was fined 1.07 million yuan ($165,240) for not abiding by epidemic prevention rules after its drivers repeatedly tested positive for coronavirus, Beijing's traffic regulator announced on Sunday.

Didi was fined for 96 violations, and its subsidiary app Huaxiaozhu was fined 340,000 yuan for 12 violations, according to Beijing authority.

Authorities said ride-hailing platforms still lack adequate epidemic prevention and control measures. It found that some did not fully disinfect their cars or provide proper ventilation as required. Some drivers have not been wearing masks nor require passengers to wear masks.

Beijing on Sunday issued seven intensified measures the ride-hailing industry must take, including requiring drivers to take temperature measurements, wear a masks at all times, provide a negative nucleic acid test and to be vaccinated by the company.

If passengers refuse to wear masks, drivers should not take them.

Huaxiaozhu has had its services suspended for a week after three ride-hailing drivers in Beijing were diagnosed with COVID-19. On January 4, Didi said it would test 9,000 Didi and Huaxiaozhu drivers for the coronavirus every day.

A ride-hailing driver who tested positive for the virus in Northeast China's Liaoning Province, has sparked debate about where in the car you can reduce your risk.

Beijing transport officials suggested that all platforms and companies in public transportation who break the rules will be given heavy penalties which would be made public.

Beijing has banned online car-hailing services from operating outside the capital city to areas considered medium or high-risk for coronavirus.