Payback time! Cicada forced to listen to loud music on earphones
By Liu Yueqiao
People's Daily app


A video recently received over a million “likes” online in China after the uploader “kidnapped” a cicada and forced it to listen to loud music, in retaliation for its disturbing sound in summer.

Chirping cicadas are always part of summer. After emerging from the earth since the dog days, they chirp through the entire summer. 

Ms. Bi from Dalian, Northeastern China’s Liaoning Province, has been bothered by the noise created by cicadas for weeks.

On Monday morning, when a cicada happened to land on her window screen, Bi caught the cicada and placed her earphones on it, and played loud music. She also recorded a video which went viral and received more than 1.37 millions “likes”.


She said in an interview she considered it a fun idea, and released the cicada after that.