NEEP approaches, students review outdoors in winter
By Wang Lichen
People's Daily app

Beijing (People's Daily) - This year's National Entrance Examination for Postgraduate (NEEP) in China will be held on Dec. 23 and 24. With less than a month remaining, students redouble their efforts to prepare for it. 

In China, many senior college students choose to take the postgraduate entrance exam because a higher degree may help become more competitive for employment. This year, over two million will be taking the exam,  a record high.


In Central China's Zhengzhou University, many students study along the corridor to avoid becoming sleepy. (VCG)


A student takes notes outside the building despite the low temperature. (VCG)


The outdoor temperature in Zhengzhou is about 6 to 7 degrees Celsius. Students wear thick clothes to keep warm. (VCG)


A student reviews outside the building. (VCG)


The NEEP is a crucial "battle." Students have to spare no efforts preparing for it. (VCG)


Remembering the moments preparing for the NEEP brings laughter and tears. (VCG)