China dominates top supercomputers list
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(Video source: People's Daily Media Innovation)

In the digital world, China boasts a host of inventive products, whether in the virtual form of mobile payment like Alipay and WeChat pay, or in the physical form of sharing vehicles like bicycle-sharing giant Mobike and ride-hailing service Didi. 

All of them need computing support to crunch massive amounts of data, while allowing users to enjoy unprecedented convenience and communicate with people or connected devices. 

This video presents how China's supercomputer works and its overwhelming power to stun the world. 

Supercomputers are often regarded as the benchmark of a country's technological prowess. So far, of the world's top 500 global ranking supercomputers, 167 of them are from China, including the first and second fastest ones. 

The Shenwei Taihu Light supercomputer tops the list with a processing speed of 93 petaflops. It's located in the Wuxi Liyuan Economic Development Zone in Jiangsu Province.

With the ability to carry out lots of mathematical equations, it's currently used in weather prediction, gene sequencing and aerospace design simulation.

(Compiled by Bai Yuanqi)