Five Indians ‘missing’ in south Tibet region are India’s intelligence personnel disguised as hunters: source
Global Times

Chinese soldiers guard a China-India border crossing at Nathu La Pass. Photo: CFP

Five Indians, who were allegedly “kidnapped” by the China’s People Liberation Army or as some called went missing in the south Tibet region, are India’s intelligence staff who had disguised themselves as hunters, a source told the Global Times.

They recently trespassed the China-India border and entered the Shannan prefecture of Tibet, the source told the Global Times.

The Indian side often sends staff via this means to gather intelligence of China. This is how it encroaches China-controlled areas, the source said.

The Chinese side has detained, warned and educated the five persons, who will be released soon, the source said.

China and India have a very long border and there are vast stretches that are unguarded. In recent years, India has taken an aggressive approach in China-India border areas, which poses a challenge for China to strengthen its border control.

The Indian army and media collude with each other and spread misleading information, fanning nationalistic sentiment in the country.

To counter India’s frequent provocations, China has published more information about what’s going on at the border to set the record straight, the source said.