Global Elites Gathered in Shaanxi to Discuss Innovation
By Zhang Ke

On June 17, the 2019 Forum on Innovation and Cooperation for Development was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi province. More than 40 scholars and entrepreneurs from China and abroad, as well as more than 300 political, business and academic elites gathered in Xi’an, focusing on various fields of scientific and technological innovation, planning a new blueprint for cooperation and development.


On June 17, the 2019 Forum on Innovation and Cooperation for Development was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi province. (Photo: DiscoverShaanxi) 

“Beijing is a place which one can see China's development in the recent 200 years, but if you want to understand China's development over thousands of years, you should come to Shaanxi.” At the forum, Paul Romer, a 2018 Nobel Laureate in Economics and a professor at New York University said, “I think China has many energetic cities, and Xi’an is definitely one of them.”


Gao Xiqing, the Cheng Yu-tung chair professor and Ph.D supervisor of Law school, Tsinghua University, shared his opinions on the environmental development at the present and the future based on law, supervision as well as innovation and how to find the balance of values, thereby to help the market become the decisive role during resource relocation.


While talking about supervision and innovation on finance, Gao explains that disruptive innovation is inevitable. Suppressing innovation is unworthy while overlooking innovation will be unsustainable. The development of innovation is a process of “innovation-supervision-innovation”, which requires the balance of efficiency and security. And this balance requires a healthy interactive mechanism-the legalization of financial regulation.

Yuan Xiaoning, the chairman of Shaanxi Investment Group Co., Ltd., states the significance of organizing this forum by quoting an ancient Chinese poem-“a clear ditch must have sustainable running water”. “I invite you to invest in Shaanxi to introduce resources and platforms to the development of an economic society of Shaanxi. 

“I want to talk about the relationship between China and Latin America, especially the opportunities brought by our cooperation on scientific and technological innovation.” Jose M. Salazar, the former executive director of the International Labour Organization’s Employment Sector delivered a speech of “The New Opportunities to China and Latin America” at the forum. He says that China is an import country to Latin America and also the partner in the high-tech field. “It is no doubt that China and Latin America will keep strengthening the cooperation in the next few years.”