New technology to safeguard CIIE water supply

The Tianma renewable energy center for domestic waste in Songjiang District

Cleaning ships ensure the water environment of the Huangpu River.

In a photo shot last year, workers are pictured examining sewer pipes at the National Convention and Exhibition Center.

Shanghai Chengtou Group has upgraded its intelligent information system to safeguard the water supply and waste disposal during the upcoming China International Import Expo.

A smart information platform was built by the company to improve efficiency in terms of its water supply, road transportation and environmental management. Operational data will be collected in real-time.

The water supply for key areas of the Expo will be monitored through real-time calculation by hydraulic models, covering the whole supply chain from the Qingcaosha and Chenhang reservoirs; the Xujing, Changqiao and Taihe water plants; to the Xingzhan, Huaxiang, Fengxi, Nanda pump stations before finally reaching the Hongqiao water purification plant.

To prevent pipe breaks, intelligent technologies have been applied to the system. Sixteen key pump stations and two sewage plants under the company will be on full power to ensure sewage disposal.

Meanwhile, the water environment of key riverbanks and road congestion will be monitored through the platform as well.

An emergency team is also on 24-hour standby, responsible for the safety of mechanical facilities and smooth operations.

As for waste disposal, Chengtou has adjusted its stock and incineration capacity so that the daily waste of the Expo venue, about 70 tons, can be processed in time.

Domestic waste produced around the Expo area will be incinerated at the Tianma waste utilization plant in Songjiang District after being condensed first at transfer stations. Medical waste will be collected first at five medical stations and quarantine sites inside the venue, and then sent to a disposal center in Jiading District.