Construction of medical security center for Beijing 2022 to be accelerated
People's Daily

BEIJING, June 1 (Xinhua) -- The medical security center of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in the Yanqing competition zone has accelerated its construction, and is estimated to be operational before the end of this year, the local government confirmed on Monday.

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The center will provide athletes and other staff with high-quality and efficient one-stop medical services.

The Yanqing Winter Olympic medical security center is located within the Peking University Third Yanqing Hospital, with a surface area of 12,467 square meters. There are 18 departments, including emergency, surgery, internal medicine, ward, operating room, laboratory, etc., and a parking apron for emergency medical transfer.

According to the construction unit, at present, the center has seen the completion of the interior renovation. The exterior facade decoration is 95% completed, and the installation of basic equipment is in order.

The design of the building fully takes into account the medical service guarantee of ice and snow events and patients' medical needs.

With the construction of the center, there will also be training and drills for medical staff. A total of 58 professional experts selected by Peking University Third Yanqing Hospital and 43 experts selected by Peking University Third Hospital will form a special Winter Olympic rescue team.

After the Games, the center plans to transform into a "medical center" entity, which will carry out research on snow sports injury prevention, first aid, diagnosis and rehabilitation, serve the development of Yanqing snow sports and ice industry, and strive to build a regional medical center in northwest Beijing and a medical treatment base for major public events.