'Late Night in Monan Ravine' launched


The first season of Discovering Mysteries was launched in the This is Hainan column on the New Hainan app, on May 11, focusing on the natural environment of Hainan, showing Hainan’s ecological resources, species diversity, ecological scientific research & protection, and the achievements of the construction of the National Ecological Civilization Experimental District. It takes you to explore the mysteries of the rainforest and discover more, from a macroscopic to a microscopic perspective.

On the upper tributaries of the Nandu River

after a 4-hour trek

we have arrived at the Yinggeling Nature Reserve wilderness.

Here, the vegetation is well-preserved

and there are plentiful water sources

making this one of the most bio-diverse areas in the entire Nature Reserve.

As night falls

a Red Banded Wolf Snake hides along the water’s edge

flicking its tongue in and out constantly

to sense the changes in the surrounding environment

waiting for an opportunity to hunt

frog calls come from everywhere

he doesn’t need to worry about finding dinner here.

On this expedition into the mysteries of the night

we came across a pleasant surprise

this large tree frog

is as big as the palm of an adult hand

it’s not commonly seen in the Nature Reserve.

A crab spider crawls along his back

irritating his eye

but the tree frog doesn’t mind

the crab spider tactfully busies himself spinning silk

In the depths of the night

the Weaver Ants are still busy

a newly molted grasshopper hide cautiously under the tree leaves

a tiger beetle comes out to hunt

and a spider busily weaves his web

nightlife is just getting started here in Monan Ravine.