Savvy young people are proving critical to the success of the citywide Shanghai lockdown
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29 student volunteers take calls at Shanghai CDC


(Video Produced by Xie Runjia, source: China Youth Daily)

Some 29 college students are volunteering at Pudong branch of the Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

They are staying at the center, taking calls.
"Hello, this is Pudong CDC and you are..."
"Have you been to..."
These are the most frequent phrases to be heard in their responses to daily calls.
As of Saturday, they have volunteered more than 9,222 hours.
Student manages apartment complex
La Hongsang, a post-millennial student video blogger, is busy working in the epicenter of the Shanghai lockdown.
After she enquired about residential duties at her apartment complex, La was surprised to be nominated by her neighbors to take on those very duties.
La distributes materials, conveys information and organizes COVID-19 tests.
At first the details baffled and overwhelmed her, but La eventually came up with a process and a working system.
"It is the heartwarming moments with my neighbors helping each other that empower me," La says.
Young neighborhood committee
Five of seven members of one Shanghai neighborhood committee were born in the 1990s.
Pan Xiaozhe, 32, director of the committee in Jiading district, has been working 24-7 with her team in the office since March 5.
They take calls, reply in WeChat groups and try to solve problems.
"We young people are in good health," says Pan, whose voice is hoarse. "We can deal with high-intensity workloads. Everyone is familiar with the internet and smartphones. It is convenient to go the last mile for services."
(Compiled by Dong Feng)