Combo photos show great changes in women after enlisting
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It has been one month since young women joined the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The following combo photos show the great changes women soldiers undergo after one-month military training.
“The army is a place where I can promote both physical and psychological health and forge my way of behavior,” said Ma Linlin, “That’s what one’s youth should be.”
“In the army, I have met my comrades, learned to obey rules and fulfil my potential,” said Chen Zhijuan, “If you ask me whether I regret joining the army, I’ll tell you that word is not even in my vocabulary.”
“A real soldier, in my mind, has remarkable resilience and will never give up, fearless in the face of danger and even sacrifice,” said Kadeeryan, “I have become the one whom I dreamed about.”
Deng Jialin said, “I joined the army with the knowledge I learned. I will keep the faith in my heart and spend my youth in the army.” (Compiled by Ye Jiren)