42 close contacts of Chinese plague patients removed from medical observation


(Photo: VCG)

The health commission of China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region announced on Monday that 42 people who were in close contact with the two patients diagnosed with pneumonic plague in Beijing were removed from medical observation.

According to the commission, the 42 people showed no abnormal symptoms, such as fever, during the medical observation period, and all laboratory PCR tests were negative.

Four people who were in close contact with the two patients are still under medical observation; so far, no fever or any other abnormal symptoms have been found.

The patient who was diagnosed with bubonic plague last Saturday, has been isolated in a hospital at Huade County in Ulanqab. Twenty-eight close contacts of the patient are under medical observation and show no fever or any other abnormal medical symptoms.

The commission said that there's no new case reported in the region.