Macao to elect deputies to national legislature
China Daily

A view of Sai Van Lake in Macao, south China. (Photo: Xinhua)

The Macao Special Administrative Region will elect 12 deputies to the 14th National People's Congress, China's top legislature, on Dec 12, according to a decision by the presidium meeting of the Conference for Electing Deputies of the Macao SAR to the 14th NPC on Saturday.

The electoral conference held its first plenary session earlier in the day, which was attended by 469 members. An 11-member presidium, including current chief executive Ho Iat-seng and former chief executive Ho Hau-wah, was elected to preside over the conference.

Yang Zhenwu, secretary-general of the NPC Standing Committee who came to Macao to preside over the election work, said that electing NPC deputies in the Macao SAR is part of "one country, two systems", which reflects the fact that Macao compatriots are the masters of their own affairs.

Yang stressed the need to perform the duties enshrined in the Constitution and the Macao SAR Basic Law and to be aware of the bottom line of safeguarding national security.

Efforts should be made to ensure that patriotic deputies, who represent the wider public of Macao and have the ability to participate in and deliberate on State affairs, are elected, Yang added.

At the presidium meeting, Ho Iat-seng was elected standing chairman. The presidium decided that the nomination of candidates for NPC deputies will run from Nov 22 to 28, and that voting will take place on Dec 12 at the second plenary session of the electoral conference.

Each member of the electoral conference is allowed to nominate no more than 12 candidates. Macao residents with Chinese citizenship aged 18 or above are eligible to stand for candidacy, and need to obtain at least 15 nominations from electoral conference members for their registration to be effective.