A glance at life in the shelter hospital
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The shelter hospital, also known as ‘Fang Cang’ hospital in Wuhan, epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, has operated smoothly since it received the first batch of patients on February 5. A video yesterday went viral on social media in which patients and medical personnel danced to the beat hoping for a full recovery.(Photos: Xinhua, compiled by Han Xiaomeng)
Previously a man surnamed Fu who read a book titled "The Origins of Political Order" in the hospital also caught wide attention for his optimistic attitude even under such severe circumstances.
The medical personnel here closely monitored the physical conditions of each patient, gave them mental support and reassured their confidence to overcome the epidemic. The photo shows the medical staff of the shelter hospital cheering each other up.
The photo shows a medical staff tying a band for the patient which shows her identity.
The photo shows medical staff giving food to the patients.
The photo shows medical staff checking up on patients.
The photo shows medical staff taking the patients to dance together.
The photo shows patients exercising.
The photo shows a patient playing with a Rubik’s cube.
The photo shows a patient scanning a book in the reading corner.
The photo shows a patient flashing a “V” sign to the reporter on February 10.