Lawyer in Wuhan killed for 'personal conflict'
Global Times

A lawyer was killed in office on Monday morning in a reportedly gunshot case in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei Province. The suspect has been detained, claiming it was due to a personal conflict.

At around 10 am Monday, a man surnamed Lei entered an office and attacked a man surnamed Xue. Lei escaped after the incident but was later caught by police. He claimed that the attack was due to a personal conflict. Xue was pronounced dead after hospitalization, according to the police’s statement.

The attack that killed Xue, a lawyer, reportedly involved a gunshot.

According to Jimu News, many spectators nearby said they heard a gunshot. “I was walking past a law firm just after 10:00 when I suddenly heard a gunshot. The wounded man was completely immobile when he was carried out,” said a spectator surnamed Lu.

But the media outlet then deleted the rhetoric about the gunshot. Further investigation is underway.